Artifact Cube


Welcome to the Artifact Cube data project! We have developed a way to scrape match data from your Steam Data. Valve does not currently have an official way to view match stats so please excuse this unofficial (and somewhat slow) collection method.


  1. Click here to copy the script or view the full source here
  2. Open your private artifact info page. You may have to login.
  3. Open your developer console
    • If using desktop chrome, find the top right menu (... button) and go: top right menu -> More tools -> Developer tools. Switch to the console tab.
    • If using desktop firefox, find the top right menu (pancake stack button) and go: top right menu -> Web Developer -> Web Console
    • Sorry, other browsers are currently not supported!
  4. Paste into the console and press enter to run the script.
  5. Copy the result of the script below